Instagram Threads A Messaging App on the Rise

Instagram Threads: A Messaging App on the Rise

Instagram Threads, the messaging app by Meta, achieves rapid success with 100 million users in days, surpassing Twitter rivals. Discover the impressive growth and features of Threads.

Instagram’s Threads, a messaging app created by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has experienced remarkable success since its recent launch, attracting over 100 million users in just a few days.

New data from reveals that Threads has already captured one-fifth of Twitter’s weekly active user base worldwide. 

It boasts 86 times more weekly active users than its biggest U.S.-based Twitter competitor, Truth Social, which reported only one million active users last week.

Despite a slight dip in early usage, Threads continues to gain momentum. Sensor Tower, an app intelligence firm, reported a temporary decrease in Threads’ daily active users, down by around 20% on Tuesday and Wednesday compared to the preceding Saturday. 

Users also spent less time on the app, with usage dropping from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. However, emphasizes that Threads’ popularity is still on the rise.

In addition to its user base, Threads has achieved impressive download numbers, surpassing Niantic’s popular app, Pokémon Go, by a factor of 5.5. 

This makes Threads the fastest-growing app since Pokémon Go’s launch in July 2016.’s analysis also highlights Threads’ global appeal, with an estimated 93 million active users worldwide during its first partial week of availability. 

This number exceeds the official announcement made by Threads on July 10, where they reported 100 million signups. 

Notably, India leads in downloads, accounting for 33% of global downloads, followed by Brazil (22%), the U.S. (16%), and Mexico and Japan at 8% and 5%, respectively. 

However, it is important to note that Threads is currently not accessible in the European Union due to privacy concerns and data collection practices. 

Meta has also taken steps to prevent EU users from using VPNs to bypass the block.

Threads recently released its first major update since its launch. 

The update includes support for iOS 17, now available as a public beta, along with several minor changes. 

Exciting future improvements, such as adding a following feed, an edit button, multi-account support, and integration with ActivityPub, are also in the works. 

This protocol powers Mastodon, a popular decentralized Twitter alternative.

Instagram Threads has quickly emerged as a competitive messaging app, gaining a substantial user base and fostering engaged user interactions. 

With its rapid growth and promising features, Threads presents an enticing digital communication and connection platform.

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