Instagram Tests New Polls Feature in Comments Section

Instagram Tests New Polls Feature in Comments Section

Discover Instagram’s latest feature: polls in comments. This innovative update will elevate user engagement and interaction in both regular posts and Reels.

To increase user engagement, Instagram has unveiled a feature that allows users to create polls in the comments section of their posts.

The announcement was made by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, who communicated that the platform is in the initial stages of testing this innovative feature. 

The aim is to make the comment section more interactive and engaging for users.

Rolling Out Soon to Everyone

Initially, the new feature will be available to a select group of users for testing purposes. 

The tests include the integration of polls in the comments section of both the regular feed posts and Reels. 

Instagram plans to expand this feature, making it accessible to all users shortly. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, reassured users by stating that the new polls feature would be “rolling out to everyone soon.”

An Interactive User Experience

The appearance of the polls in the comments section will be similar to the existing polls feature in Stories, where users have been engaging with them through stickers. 

Adam Mosseri shared a screenshot providing insights into what the new feature would look like. 

It showed that users could see the number of votes cast in a given poll, enhancing the interaction level in the comment sections.

However, there are still some details that remain unclear. 

It is yet to be confirmed how long the polls would remain active for voting and whether users could select different time frames to keep receiving votes, akin to features available on Twitter.

Enhancing Comment Section Usability

Instagram is trying to revamp and enrich its comment section, making it a hub of interactive activities. 

In a significant update, Instagram introduced the option to post GIFs in comments. 

Furthermore, the platform is experimenting with enhancing the Stories experience by allowing users to tailor content visibility by creating multiple lists reserving specific content for particular groups of individuals.

Through these efforts, Instagram aims to transform the user experience, making it more interactive and engaging and ensuring that the platform continues evolving and remains a dynamic space for content creators and users alike.

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