Weird One Word Instagram Bio With Meaning

114 Weird One Word Instagram Bio With Meaning

Weird One Word Instagram Bio – Do you want to impress your followers with your excellent Instagram bio? Or are you looking for the perfect weird one word to represent your personality on your Instagram bio? 

After all, people do not see all your posts and read the captions to understand you.

Visitors to your profile only glance at your bio before deciding whether to look further.

You can write any bio, whether cute, funny, mature, short, wtf, girly, business, travel, inspiration or unique. However, writing the bio is a skill you should master to stand out from the crowd.

Weird One Word Instagram Bio

In this post, we will give you 114 weird one word Instagram bio with the meaning :

HelcologyStudy of ulcers
DelphineAbout the dauphin of France
HelicosophyGeometry that deals with spirals.
LimnologyStudy of bodies of freshwater
EthnomaniaObsessive devotion to one’s people
ProcatalepsisAnticipating and answering an opponent’s objections
SuperessiveIndicating location upon or on top of
ChrysoaristocracyGovernment by the wealthy; plutocracy
AcrotismAbsence of pulsing
VorticityAmount of vortical motion in a fluid
SloydThe Swedish system of teaching manual skills through woodcarving
KismetFate; destiny
FlorimaniaCraze for flowers
AnimadvertTo comment critically on; censure
DuennaGoverness; chaperone
AcersecomicOne whose hair has never been cut.
PiscatorialOf, like or about fishing or fishers
PolysyndetonThe rhetorical device of repeating conjunction for emphasis
IdolumMental image; a logical fallacy
JugginsA simpleton
EpistemologyStudy or theory of the basis of knowledge
SedulousAssiduous; diligent
AureoleRadiant light around the head or body of holy personage
MerdurinousComposed of urine and faeces
RomA gipsy man
JejuneLacking interest or significance; dull or insipid; dry; empty
BroganSolid and rigid working shoe
LaminaryOf, like or about thin plates or layer
TheologasterPetty or shallow theologian
VelarOf sounds produced using the soft palate
AxiniformShaped like an axe-head
VendibleCapable of being sold
WhangA leather thong; a thick slice
BobstayRope used on ships to steady the bowsprit.
PhallephoricCarrying the penis
PhilodoxOne who loves his own opinions; the dogmatic person
ScholarchHead of a school
NaissanceNew development; birth
StompJazz dance featuring heavy stamping of the feet
PottoSmall nocturnal west African monkey
EtiolateTo become pale; to make pale by depriving of light.
AporiaProfessed but false doubt of what to say or choose for rhetorical effect
KilobaseUnit of measure of the length of nucleic acid chain equal to 1000 base pairs
XylotomousWood-cutting; wood-boring
ConnubialOf, like or about marriage
CatamountAny wild species of mountain lion or large cat
AppointéIn heraldry, two things touching at the ends.
BarbitonLute or lyre with many strings
PrestTo loan
PancraticExcelling all around in athletics or accomplishments
PalaeoanthropologyStudy of early humans
CismontaneOn this or the near side of the mountains
VespasiennePublic lavatory
WaywiserAn instrument for measuring distance travelled.
ChromolithographyArt of printing in colour using stone
DebridementThe removal of foreign matter from a wound
SteeveTo set a ship’s bowsprit at an upward inclination.
ViridariumRoman garden
ReddendumReserving clause in a lease
BathyorographicalOf, like or pertaining to depth underwater or elevation above sea level
CucurbitThe chemical vessel used in a still or alembic
WortInfusion of malt before fermentation
LibellantOne who brings a charge of libel
Waste lotAn unused lot of land in a built-up area
JettaturaThe evil eye
RatinéRough bulky plain-woven fabric
MetaphysisChange in form; metamorphosis
EpiscopicideKilling of bishops
PlacoidLike a flea
LourTo look sullen or threatening.
AbatureA stag beat down the trail through the wood.
NeomorphicDeveloped suddenly and not inherited
MantissaThe decimal part of the logarithm
WhichsoeverEvery one that
VidimusAttested copy; inspection of accounts
DentiologistOne who speaks with closed teeth
SundogBright spot or halo appearing on either side of the sun; parhelion
SalubriousFavourable to or promoting well-being
ObedibleDocile; capable of obedience
FlexuoseFull of windings and turnings; undulating
CeraunoscopyDivination using lightning
ClasticAble to be disassembled into its parts
XanthochroiaThe yellowness of the skin
CircumcrescentGrowing around; above, or over
AltHigh musical tone
BarbetteEarthen terrace inside the parapet of a rampart
SpinigerousBearing spines
GratisWithout charge; for free
TumblehomeThe inward curve of the upper parts of the sides of a ship
RodenticideKilling of rodents
SerpettePruning knife
YipsThe nervous state in golf causes the player to miss an easy putt.
PedicelThe stalk of an animal organ
HypnosophyKnowledge of phenomena relating to sleep
ApperceptionMind’s perception of itself as a conscious agent
PlenipotenceAbsolute power
AcaulescentHaving a very short stem
NauticsArt of navigation
GraminivorousFeeding on grass or cereals
MorneDismal; gloomy; sombre
LeporineOf, like or about the hare
ChoragusLeader of a choir or organizer of musical festivals
BraccialeBracket or socket mounted on a wall.
VinificationProcess of fermenting wine
PaisPeople from whom a jury is drawn
LampasFlowered silk fabric
DuncicalStupid; dim-witted
DopCopper cup for holding a diamond while cutting it

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